Top View 16MM LED Neon Flex 270 Degree – D16

Top view 16MM LED Neon Flex 270 Degree-D16, this silicone neon flex is made of environmentally friendly silicone material. It has a 270-degree lighting angle, which is extruded in one piece.

270 Degree LED Neon Flex is available in 5w and 10w, versatility to meet different power requirements. The protection level reaches IP67, which is very suitable for long-term outdoor use, and the surface is not easy to turn yellow.

IP67 270 Degree LED Neon Flex the light transmittance is extremely high, and it can be used for signboard lighting, indoor and outdoor decorative lighting and architectural contour lighting.

Our LED neon flex top view D16 After “9 major tests”, it is resistant to hydrochloric acid, acid and alkali corrosion, flame retardant, and UV resistance, and its quality is reliable and guaranteed.

Product Details

IP67 270 Degree LED Neon Flex 270 Degree View NEON Flex 10W


Frequently Asked Questions about LED Neon Flex Strip Lights

What is an LED neon flex strip?
LED neon flex strips are flexible lighting solutions that are an upgrade and an alternative to traditional neon tubes. It mimics the look of traditional glass neon but with the energy efficiency and durability of LED technology. Made from flexible silicone material that houses LED chips, they are easy to install and transport and enable versatile and customizable lighting designs.

What is the difference between LED neon flex strips and traditional neon lights?
LED neon strips use light-emitting diodes (LEDs) instead of neon to produce light. They are more energy-efficient, durable, and lightweight than traditional glass neon lights. LED neon strips also offer a wider range of color options and can be easily customized to meet specific design requirements. They each have their advantages, and you need to choose according to your needs.

What are the advantages of LED neon flex strips?
LED neon flex strips offer a variety of benefits and have a very modern design feel. Including energy efficiency, durability, flexibility, and safety. They consume less energy, last longer, are less likely to break during shipping, and can be bent or cut to fit a variety of shapes and spaces. LED neon flex strips are cool to the touch and don’t emit heat like traditional neon lights.

Where can LED neon flex strips be used?
LED neon flex strips are versatile and can be used in a variety of indoor and outdoor lighting applications. Including architectural lighting, store signage, accent lighting, decorative lighting, and interior design. They are commonly used in commercial spaces, retail stores, restaurants, bars, clubs, and residential settings to create eye-catching lighting effects and ambiance.

Are LED neon flex strips waterproof?
Most LED neon flex strips are waterproof and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. But there are also a very small number of neon tubes that are not waterproof. IP67 waterproof LED neon flex strips are designed to withstand moisture, rain, and environmental elements, making them ideal for outdoor signage, building facades, and landscape lighting. In addition, we also have IP68 LED neon flex tubes, which can be used in swimming pools.

Can LED neon flex strips be dimmed?
Yes, all of our LED neon flex strips are dimmable, but you will need to pair them with a compatible dimmer switch or controller that can be used to adjust the brightness levels according to your specific lighting requirements and preferences.

Can LED neon flex tubes be cut?
LED neon flex tubes support cutting. Different profiles and different color temperatures have different cutting lengths. Most neon tubes can be cut by yourself. You need to cut them according to the cutting place, but you need to deal with the waterproof plugs yourself.

Does the LED neon flex tube support customized length?
The regular length of all our LED flex neons is 5 meters, but we also support customized lengths if you need them. You need to customize the length you want based on the length of the cut.

How long is the service life of LED flex neon strips?
LED neon flex strips have a long service life, typically running 50,000 to 100,000 hours continuously, depending on the quality and operating conditions of the LED, as well as your usual maintenance.

Are LED neon flex strips easy to install?
Yes, LED neon flex strips are relatively easy to install. You can install it using adhesive, mounting clips, or channels. They can be cut to size at designated cutting points and bent to fit corners and curves, allowing for seamless installation in different locations.